Student events are contests, festivals and competitions

Student Events with NCMTA

At NCMTA, we offer annual student events that are adjudicated performance and composition opportunities. These include the NCMTA Piano Performance Festival, the NCMTA Voice Performance Festival, the NCMTA Concert Instrument Festival, and the NCMTA Young Composers Contest.

Register for an NCMTA Student Event

Currently, there are no NCMTA Student Festival, Competition or Contest Events registering. Please check back often for announcements.

Read on to learn more MTNA opportunities for students.

MTNA versus NCMTA – What’s the Difference?

NCMTA is an affiliate of MTNA. In other words, MTNA is the parent organization of NCMTA. To join NCMTA, you must join MTNA and choose your state affiliation – two memberships, two fees, one registration!

Student Events with MTNA

Our national parent association, MTNA (Music Teachers National Association), offers students performance adjudication opportunities. Both competitive and non-competitive, these opportunities are distinct from our own NCMTA student events.