Register here for NCMTA Events

Centralized Registration

Whether you wish to register for a conference, a workshop, or a student event, this is the place – Registration Central! Our centralized registration system, Auditionware, will collect the information and monies needed, and provide you with the pertinent registration follow-up and event access information.

Read Everything Carefully

Each event is unique, so once you enter Auditionware, please read everything carefully. Currently, registration is open for: the NCMTA Annual Conference and the NCMTA Piano Festival Workshop.

Registration Process

Here are the details for registration. IMPORTANT NOTE: The process is slightly different for NCMTA members, non-members, and those who are members of both NATS and NCMTA. Read below to learn more.

  • NCMTA/MTNA members: Follow the AuditionWare link button. Enter the email address associated with your MTNA membership and hit “forgot password.” You will receive an email with further instructions to complete registration.
  • Non-members (those not members of NCMTA/MTNA):  Follow the Auditionware link button, choose Request Login and fill out the form that will pop up. You will receive an email with further instructions to complete registration. 
  • Special note to NATS members! Anyone who is already a member of NATS will have to login through the NATS member account. Go to the NATS website, login, and scroll to the big green audition button. This will take you to Auditionware, where you can toggle between NATS events and NCMTA events.
  • The Auditionware system will accept your registration information, recorded performances from YouTube (if applicable), and facilitate payment through Stripe. Please be aware that there will be special instructions at various points of the process – Please read everything carefully!

Keep reading! After you register …

After you have registered and paid, you will receive information about event access. Sometimes, that will be immediate with the payment receipt. Other times, it will be shared a day or so before the event. The process and timing is event-dependent. Thanks for your patience!

Events Registering now …

  • 2021 Virtual Annual Conference now through 10/20/21. NOTA BENE: When you register, you are an “Instructor” and not a “Participant.” Please answer “No” to the checkbox about Participant. Questions? Please contact Conference Chair at
  • 2021-23 Piano Festival Workshop now through 6/1/23. Questions? Please contact the Piano Section Chair at
  • 2021 Virtual Honors Recital does not require registration. Students who earned Highest Honors at our State Performance Festivals this past spring are eligible to perform. Those teachers will have been contacted via email. Questions? Please contact our Honors Recital Coordinator at for more information. Don’t have an email from Emily? Don’t wait – contact her today! Deadline to enter the Recital is 10/7/21 firmly at 5:00pm.

Coming Soon …

Registration for the 2022 performance festivals is coming soon. Check back frequently!

Questions about this process? Write to or call the appropriate Leadership Chair.