NCMTA Past Presidents

Our NCMTA Past Presidents are listed and pictured in chronological order here, dating from the inaugural year of the organization.
Dr. Jeanine Skinner, portrait 2019-21 Jeanine Skinner
Victoria Fisher Faw, NCTM 2017-19 Victoria Fisher Faw
Kerry Carlin photo 2015-17 Kerry Carlin
Thomas Swenson 2013-15  Thomas Swenson
Diane Blanchard 2011-13  Diane Blanchard
Liz Lasbelle 2009-11  Elizabeth LaBelle
Frank Pittman 2007-09  Frank Pittman
Kerry Henry 2005-07  Kerry Henry
Jonathan Maisonpierre 2003-05 Jonathan Maisonpierre
George Walter 2001-03  George Walter
Diane Higgins, portrait 1999-2001  Diane Higgins
Barbara Furr 1997-99  Barbara Furr
Rachel Gragson 1995-97  Rachel Gragson
Jesslynn Kitts 1993-95  Jesslynn Kitts
Charles Bath 1991-93  Charles Bath
Hjourdis Tourian 1989-91  Hjordis Tourian
James Fogle 1987-89  James Fogle
Paul Stewart 1985-87  Paul Stewart
Vivian Dula 1983-85  *Vivian Dula
Loren Withers 1981-83  *Loren Withers
James Clyburn 1979-81  *James Clyburn
Marie Burnett 1977-79  *Marie Burnette
Bert Wiley 1975-77  Bert L. Wiley
Walton Smith Cole 1974-75 *Walton S. Cole
Nelson Adams 1973-74 *Nelson F. Adams
Walton Smith Cole 1971-73 *Walton S. Cole
Fletcher Moore 1969-71 *Fletcher Moore
William Sasser 1967-69 William Sasser
Joseph Lammers 1965-67  Joseph Lammers
Harold Luce 1963-65 *Harold Luce
Phillip Morgan 1961-63 *Phillip Morgan
Marie Hargett 1959-61  Marie J. Hargett
* deceased