MTNA Foundation recognizes contributions to the profession of music teaching

MTNA Foundation 

Individuals who have made significant contributions to the art of music and the profession of music teaching are recognized through various awards of the MTNA Foundation Fund. In addition, the MTNA Foundation Fund enables grant and scholarships for authors, teacher enrichment, local association projects, Foundation Fellowships, and more. When you make a contribution to the MTNA Foundation Fund, you are helping us work for a more musical tomorrow through programs that nurture the creation, performance, study and teaching of music.

2023 Foundation Fellow Nominee

NCMTA’s 2023 Foundation Fellow nominee is Dr. Kent Lyman! Kent’s unwavering leadership through the pandemic and beyond has greatly contributed to the continued success of NCMTA. You can help NCMTA recognize Kent’s work and leadership by supporting his nomination and giving to the Foundation Fund in his honor. 

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