Voice Performance Festival is an adjudicated, non-competitive student opportunity.

A Valuable Opportunity for Students

The purpose of the vocal performance festival is to provide students of all ages and their teachers a means of receiving constructive feedback by competent judges, and to stimulate and recognize constant growth. The NCMTA Voice Performance Festival is non-competitive, meaning, students are not judged against others, but instead are adjudicated on their own merits. 

How It Works

The NCMTA Voice Festival is an opportunity for voice students to perform classical, musical theater or CCM repertoire and receive constructive feedback by competent evaluators.  The Voice Performance Festival is open to students in grades K through 12, college, and adults, for solo and duet entries.  Students perform in one of eight District Festivals held conveniently across the state.  Students unable to attend a nearby festival may submit video entries online for evaluation.

Students who earn the title of Highest Honors are invited to perform again in one of two state festivals.  Students who earn the title of Highest Honors at the state level are then invited to perform on a Master Class at the NCMTA Annual Conference and/or in the distinguished NCMTA Music Festival Honors Recital.

What to Prepare. What to Expect.

Students should prepare 2-3 pieces from memory, and must provide their own accompanist (not their teacher) if the festival is held in-person. Repertoire is teacher-choice. All pieces must be performed within a 10 minute time slot. Teachers will be required to assist in monitoring on the day of the festival. Students are adjudicated on their tone, breathing/alignment, language/diction, musicianship, and artistry/expression. Any student receiving an overall score of Highest Honors will be invited to perform the same pieces at the State level. Students earning Highest Honors at the State level will be invited to perform either in a master class or at an honors recital at the NCMTA State Conference of the same year.

Next Festival Dates

Registration for the next District Festivals will open in January 2022.

Additional Tools and Support

Repertoire is teacher-student directed. Click the icon below for the Voice Performance Festival Booklet, which contents include Festival Regulations Grading Sheet sample.

2021-23 Voice Performance Festival

Questions? Contact the Voice Festival Chair: voice@ncmta.org.