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  • Have you thought about pursuing National Teacher of Music Certification?
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Why MTNA Certification?

Certification is a process that validates an individual’s qualifications for a specific field of professional practice. New graduates and teachers, and seasoned professionals alike can benefit from becoming a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM).

MTNA Certification Process

The MTNA Professional Certification program is offered at the state-affiliate level. NCMTA members pursue MTNA Certification with NCMTA. The program exists for teachers who teach music to students of any age level in private or group settings. The program is based upon a set of five standards defining what a competent music teacher should know and be able to do. Upon fulfillment of these standards, applicants are granted the MTNA professional Certification credential with the designation, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM).

To maintain the MTNA Professional Certification credential and designation, NCTM must continue fulfilling the program’s standards through the renewal process.

Susan Lynch, piano

Contact me ( with whatever questions you may have.

Susan Lynch, Certification Chair

All independent studio teachers and college faculty members are encouraged and invited to the process!

Congratulations to 2023 Certified Colleagues!

Kayla Jenkins; Dr. Natalie Khatidzadeh

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