Resources for Finding Music of Underrepresented Composers

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Kristen M. Turner, Ph.D. and Olga Kleiankina, DMA

Presented to the North Carolina Music Teachers Association October 2020 Conference.

Resources to Locate Music by Composers from Underrepresented Groups Sites which include scores available for download 

  • IMSLP Petrucci Music Library – Music sharing site for compositions in the public domain which users can download for free
  • Musica Brasilis – Music downloadable for free (if in the public domain) or for a fee (if contemporary) by Brazilian  composers (site in Portuguese and English) 
  • Arsis Press – A publisher that specializes in concert music by women composers 
  • Hildegard Publishing Company – A publisher that specializes in concert music by women composers 
  • Furore – A German publisher that specializes in music by women composers (site in German and English) 
  • Musicalion – Online music publisher with a nominal membership fee, but users can download sheet music in format that allows for modifications to the music so that editing mistakes can be corrected, dynamic markings, fingerings and other markings can be added. 
  • Musescore is an open-source musical notation software, but the site holds thousands of pieces of  music that are uploaded by users and can be downloaded for free by members of the site. Some is newly composed music, but also a lot of music in the public domain. 
  • MusicaNeo – Online music publisher  
  • Composers of Color Resource Project  – Includes some scores downloadable for free, but also a good site to find out about composers of color 
  • Music Theory Examples by Women – Includes some scores downloadable for free, but probably more useful as a site to find out about  women composers 

Sites to find out about composers from underrepresented groups 

  • Women Composers Database by the Kapralova Society 
  • Institute for Composer Diversity 
  • Living and Historic Composers Directories in Music by Black Composers 

Sites with detailed information about composers from underrepresented groups 

  • Black Music History Library 
  • Resources from Music in the Baroque: Companion Website by Wendy Heller 
  • Engaged Music Theory

You Tube Links with music by women composers 

  • Forgotten Treasures: Women Composers of Classic Era The Future is Female 
  • Great Women Composers 
  • female composers piano 
  • Maria Szymanowska Mix 
  • Piano Solo Works by Women Composers 
  • Female Classical Composers 
  • Piano Music by Women 
  • Black Women Composers 
  • Black Women Composers-2 
  • Piano Concertos by Female Composers 
  • Piano Trios by Women Composers with Score Women composers 
  • Piano Duets by Women Composers 
  • Women Composers-2

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