NCMTA Board Job Descriptions
  • President
  • Vice President (MTNA Foundation)
  • Vice President (Membership)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • President-Elect / Conference Chair
  • Past President
  • Organ & Harpsichord Section
  • Piano Section
  • Theory & Composition Section
  • Voice Section
  • Woodwind, Brass, percussion and NC Chamber Section
  • Conference Chair / President-Elect (see under Executive Board)
  • Local Conference Chair
  • MTNA Competitions
  • NCMTA Performance Festivals
    • Concert Instruments Festival Chair (under Music Sections, WWBP & NC Chamber Section)
    • Piano Performance Festival Chair
    • Voice Performance Festival Chair
  • Constitution Chair
  • Editor
  • Historian
  • Webmaster
  • Arts and Advocacy Forum
  • College Faculty Forum
  • Independent Music Teachers Forum
  • Development Director
  • NCMTA Scholarship Foundation Chair
  • MTNA Certification Chair
  • Student Activities Chair
  • Technology Chair
  • Planning Senate Chair
  • Cape Fear
  • Chapel Hill
  • Charlotte
  • Durham
  • Greensboro
  • Raleigh
( section completed as needed)
  • Southern Division Director

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Follow the NCMTA Constitution/Bylaws as the guide for operations and activities as stated in Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution
  • Follow the Constitution/Bylaws, the NCMTA Financial Policy, and the decisions of the Executive Officers with regard to the disbursement of NCMTA funds (Constitution Art III, Sect 2)
  • Subject to the approval of the Executive Board, appoint standing and ad hoc committees and chairs as required by the Constitution/Bylaws or as are necessary or beneficial to the Association (Constitution Art V)
  • Serve as an ex officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee
  • In even-numbered years appoint four active NCMTA members to serve on the Nominating Committee with the Past President as chair (Bylaws Art V, Sect 1)
  • Serve as a member of the Finance Committee (Bylaws Art VIII, Sect 1)
  • Preside over the Annual Business meeting using the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order (Constitution Art VII, Sect 1 & 5)
  • Preside over three meetings per year of the Executive Board (Constitution Art VII, Sect 4)
  • Attend the MTNA Leadership Summit
  • Attend the Southern Division Competitions and volunteer to work as needed, submit an NCMTA report at the business meeting
  • Attend the MTNA National Conference, including the annual business meeting, the State Presidents Advisory Council (SPAC) meeting, the Southern Division meeting (submit an NCMTA report), the MTNA Foundation Gala, and any other events that directly relate to NCMTA and/or its members; organize an informal gathering for NCMTA members attending the conference if appropriate
  • Maintain/update the NC state portal on the MTNA website
  • Stay informed of MTNA information through the MTNA website; stay informed of state presidents news on SPAC link on the MTNA website
  • Oversee the process of the NCMTA Teacher of the Year from the application to the submission of the recipient to MTNA for national Teacher of the Year
  • Communicate with the membership via a method that works for you (newsletters, emails, etc.) 
  • Provide any information needed to the NCMTA website chairman as needed to keep the website current and updated
  • Send MTNA the programs of all NCMTA performances annually for ASCAP protection
  • Collect items throughout the year for the Historian to take to Wilson Library
  • Submit all president expenses to the Treasurer with receipts
  • Support and encourage the Executive Board in whatever ways are necessary; board members without internet access should request another board member to keep them up to date


Calendar of Responsibilities with details:


  • Send out email blast if there is enough information (include reminders of deadlines for competitions, NCMTA events, awards, and any other items of interest to our membership)
  • Check NCMTA website to make sure everything is updated
  • Especially check the information on the chairs (send information to both the Webmaster and the Technology Chair)
  • Update the state portal of the MTNA website

October (and immediately after taking office):

  • Monthly items (above)
  • Sign a signature card at the bank where the NCMTA checking account is located
  • Appoint chairpeople as needed
  • Send a ‘Congratulatory letter’ to the NC Scholarship Fund chairman; the letters will accompany checks that are mailed to the MTNA Competition winners at the state level to help defray their travel costs for the Southern Division Competitions
  • Follow up on any items presented at the Annual Business meeting, the Planning Senate meeting, or the Section meetings
  • Send updates to the Website chairman, including pictures from the conference; this will include updates to the list of Commissioned Composers, Past Presidents, Conference locations, and Teacher of the Year; add the winter board meeting date to the website calendar; check to see that the approved minutes from the spring board meeting are posted; check to see that board members have updated their sections of the website
  • Check to see that the Commissioned Composer recording has been sent to MTNA before the deadline


  • Monthly items (above)



  • Monthly items (above)
  • Check to see that Treasurer sends travel funds to the Southern Division Director ($1 per NCMTA member); this is usually sent at the end of each year

 1-2 weeks prior to the January board of directors meeting:

  • Send the board an email reminder with details of the meeting; attach an agenda for the meeting; attach the draft minutes from the previous board meeting, communicate with the board about possible times and dates for the spring board meeting


  • Monthly items (above)


At the January board meeting:

  • Submit a President’s Report
  • Vote on NCMTA sponsoring a Gala table at the national conference;
  • Meet/communicate with the NC Scholarship Fund committee to set amounts for the winners’ checks;
  • Meet with the Finance Committee to discuss the following year budget;
  • Set a date for the spring board meeting (avoid graduation weekends)

After the meeting:

  • Post the spring meeting date on the website and also on the State Portal site on the MTNA website            
  • Make sure the secretary has sent the approved minutes from the fall meeting to the webmaster
  • Follow up on items from the meeting; send out a draft of the minutes from the meeting within two weeks after the meeting to the board to encourage them to follow up on items discussed at the meeting

Southern Division Competitions

  • Work as needed during the competitions (the host state president is responsible for coordinating the monitors for all competitions)
  • Attend the business meeting, submit an NCMTA report

After Southern Division Competitions

  • Send letters of congratulations to the NC Scholarship Fund chairman; the letters will accompany checks that are mailed to the MTNA Competition winners from NC at the division level to help defray their travel costs for the National Competitions
  • Update the state portal on the MTNA website with the current MTNA Competition Chair and Coordinators from NCMTA
  • Forward the request from Southern Division to the Treasurer to send a check for the Southern Division reception at the MTNA National Conference
  • Request the Treasurer to send a check to MTNA for the NC table at the Gala


  • Monthly items (above)
    • Send an email to NCMTA members with details about the Gala table (through the email blast)
    • Check to see that Southern Division Competition results are posted on the website
    • Send out a congratulatory announcement of the SD Competition winners to all NCMTA members
    • Sign the Commissioned Composer documents and send to MTNA in triplicate. The address is on the forms.


  • Monthly items (above)
    • Send a reminder to the Board of the NC Music Teacher submission deadline of April 1st
    • Inform NCMTA members of the Southern Division reception at the national conference (email blast)

Attend the MTNA National Conference and Competitions

  • Arrange an informal gathering, if appropriate, (a breakfast works well) for the NCMTA members attending the conference. Emails can be sent out prior to the conference. A note can be placed on the bulletin board near the registration desk at the conference. A note can also be put in the Daily News that is printed daily at the conference.
  • Attend the Southern Division meeting, submit an NCMTA report
  • Attend the annual MTNA business meeting
  • Attend the MTNA Foundation Gala
  • Attend the SPAC meeting (read the minutes from the previous meeting online; be prepared to vote for the next SPAC chair)
  • Attend the Awards Brunch if there is a possible NC winner
  • Attend any other events that directly relate to NCMTA and/or its members
  • Check to see that the MTNA Foundation Chair for NC has provided the State Pride gift for NC

        ◦  Send congratulation letters to the students from NC that placed nationally, either in Performance or Composition by mail; send a digital copy to the teachers

         ◦   Update the NCMTA website with information or pictures from the MTNA Conference

         ◦  Send the Editor information for the May issue of the NC Music Teacher (President’s Page, Calendar information, etc, announcements, etc); Encourage the board members to communicate their news through the publication that members may not otherwise search for on our website


  • Monthly items (above)
  • 1-2 weeks prior to the spring board of directors meeting
    • Send the board an email reminder with details of the meeting; attach an agenda for the meeting; attach the draft minutes from the previous board meeting,


  • Monthly items (above)
  • At the spring board meeting, submit a President’s Report

After the spring meeting:

  • Post the approved minutes from the January board meeting on the website
  • Update the NCMTA website calendar and the state portal on the MTNA website with the next Board meeting date, time, and location
  • Follow up on items from the meeting; send out a draft of the minutes from the meeting within 2 weeks after the meeting to the board to encourage them to follow up on items discussed at the meeting
  • Encourage members to submit nominations for Teacher of the Year, advertise the deadline for applications
  • Begin searching for a conference location with the president-elect for the following year and set the dates with the host institution


  • Monthly items (above)
  •  Update names and contact information for the local association presidents on the NCMTA website as well as the state portal on the MTNA website
  • Send to MTNA by email or regular mail the programs of all NCMTA events that contain copyrighted material for ASCAP protection
  • Check to see that the insurance for NCMTA has been paid


  • Monthly items (above)
  • Remind board members of approaching deadlines (Sept NCMT Aug 1st)


  • Monthly items (above)
  • Remind Board members of Conference Bulletin submission deadline of Sept 1st
  • Submit a letter from the president to the Editor for the Conference Bulletin, also send important dates, next conference location, and other pertinent information
  • Send out email announcements to NCMTA members about the upcoming conference and other news


  • Monthly items (above)
  • Attend the MTNA Leadership Summit in Cincinnati; take items you want to share with other states – such as a copy of the NCMT and a conference bulletin; prepare a report for the NCMTA Board about the Summit
  • With the help of the Executive Officers, select the Teacher of the Year recipient; order the plaque (I used Crown Trophy in Cary 919-462-9157 )
  • Check the NCMTA membership numbers; check to make sure that non-renewing members are contacted individually
  • Proof the minutes from the previous year’s annual business meeting and piano section meeting for inclusion in the conference bulletin


  • Monthly items (above)
  • Submit the nomination for the MTNA Teacher of the Year before the deadline (it can change from year to year)
  • Prepare the agendas for the fall board meeting and for the annual business meeting
  • 1-2 weeks prior to the fall Board meeting, send the board an email reminder with details of the meeting; attach an agenda for the meeting; attach the draft minutes from the previous board meeting
  • Submit a report on the Leadership Summit at the fall Board meeting; set a date for the January Board meeting; this is the time of year to discuss any dues change for the following year

Annual Conference duties of the president:

  • Chair the fall Board of Directors meeting
  • Preside over the NCMTA Annual Business meeting
  • Preside over the Friday night Banquet; present the award for the Teacher of the Year (Membership chair should recognize 50-year members, Certification Chair should recognize the newly certified members, this could be when the IMTF Scholarship is presented)
  • Attend the Planning Senate meeting


President Elect (Conference Chair)

Provide support to the President and Executive Officers.

Actively participate in all NCMTA meetings and events.

Attend MTNA meetings/events as necessary and possible.

Plan/organize the Annual NCMTA Conference with the Local Conference Chair.  Some of the items to think about:

  • Facilities needed (rooms, instruments, technical):  Be sure to work with the MTNA Competition Chair for scheduling Thursday rehearsals and Friday competitions.
  • Meals: Plan/contract breakfasts?, Sunday brunch?, lunches, and banquets.  Determine meal fees for the Registration Form (add 10-20% to each meal to cover additional fees).
  • Presentations/meetings: Typically the Piano Division Chair contracts the guest artist(s); other Chairs may make requests (have them let you know about this before you schedule additional presentations); and hosting institution faculty get priority.  Create/update the Presenter Proposal Form to include on the website.
  • Friday Banquet: Work with the Local Conference Chair to get an administrator from the hosting institution to provide a verbal welcome.  That speaker, and their guest, are invited to stay at the banquet at the expense of NCMTA.
  • Exhibitors: Determine space, times, and fees (with Treasurer).  Logos and short descriptions need to go the Editor and Webmaster. Revise/create a form for this—perhaps include this on the website.
  • Hotels: Seek accommodations nearby at three price-levels and seek discount pricing (hotels often will reserve a block or rooms and give you a discount code—be sure to know when the block will be opened).  This information goes on the website and in the April Bulletin.
  • Logistics: Get maps, directions, etc. for the website, and September Journal.
  • Student Monitors: These are needed especially for the Friday MTNA competitions.  This is usually the responsibility of the Local Conference Chair.  You might even have practice room monitors. 
  • Registration Form: Create/update this form to include meals, banquets, and any other additional fees.  This goes on the website and in the September Bulletin.  It’s great if this can be completed over the summer.
  • NCMTA Journals (April and September): Write articles related to the conference.  The September Journal includes the hotel listing, directions, and the Registration Form.
  • NCMTA Conference Bulletin: Acquire a letter of welcome from an administrator at the host institution, create the schedule for the NCMTA Conference Bulletin (Section 1).  Write a letter “In Appreciation” for the Conference Bulletin.


Suggested guidelines for planning the conference (November to October):

This assumes the conference is in late October.  Adjust as necessary.



  • Meet with the Local Conference Chair to begin planning and create a timeline (this guideline might be used for that purpose).   
  • Request the budget from the prior conference with the Treasurer.  This will help you know how many people, meals, etc. to expect. 
  • Begin creating a conference budget based on the prior year(s).
  • Strongly encourage the Local Conference Chair to assemble a team at their school to assist them. It is suggested that the Local Conference Chair seek one person for each of the following responsibilities:Communicate with the Piano Teachers Chair to make sure they are aware that they need to contract the guest artist and a speaker for the Friday banquet.  The Piano Teachers Chair needs to be aware that the titles and descriptions for the presentations are due at the same time all other Presenter Proposals are due.
    • Hotels/accommodations/catering,
    • Local sponsors/advertisers/exhibitors,
    • Facilities/rooms, and
    • Coordinator of student assistants (college students to assist—especially for the Friday MTNA competitions).
  • Seek suggestions from all relevant Chairs with ideas on events/presentations they might want to include at the conference. This is important for them to consider now—especially if they will be seeking any funding.
  • Update the budget plan for the upcoming conference.
  • Update the Presenter Proposal Form and get it on the website.  Be sure to include a deadline (early May?).


  • Local Conference Chair should have created a listing of the available rooms for the conference.  Included in this listing should be the basic size of each room, the number of people each room can hold, the type and quality of the piano, the technology in the room, and the general appearance.
  • Remind the Local Conference Chair that they should remind their faculty that they need to send Presenter Proposal Forms to the President Elect (Conference Chair) prior to the date that other presenter proposals are due.


  • On-site visit.  Meet with the Local Conference Chair at the conference location and begin planning the best use of spaces.  Request a small stipend to do this from the board.
  • Create a spreadsheet to begin planning the conference (with rooms, times and days).  Electronically share this document with the Local Conference Chair (GoogleDocs or Dropbox?).
  • Create a rough draft of the schedule using the information and suggestions from the prior conference.
  • Communicate with the relevant Chairs about planning presentations/events for inclusion in the conference. Again, this information is needed prior to the date that the Presenter Proposal Form is due.
  • Finalize, with the Piano Division Chair, the guest artist.  Determine if there will be one or two presentations, and a master class so those can be scheduled.
  • Contract other guest presenters if necessary.


  • Hotel information, including discount codes, should be acquired. 
  • Seek sponsors from throughout the state (especially local NCMTA organizations?) and nation (publishers?).  Consult with the Editor on this.  This can be delegated.
  • Get a list of possible local sponsors/advertisers from Local Conference Chair and begin contacting them.  Consult with the Editor on this.  


  • Remind the Local Conference Chair that they should remind their faculty that they need to send in Presenter Proposal Forms to the President Elect (Conference Chair) prior to the date that others are due.
  • Begin contacting possible sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Attain information on who, from the hosting institution, will provide the formal welcome at the Friday banquet.


  • Update the schedule as necessary.
  • Write an article for the website and the May Bulletin announcing the guest artists and presenters and include hotel information.
  • Finalize catering choices so they can be added to the Registration Form.  Add 10-20% to the prices on the registration form to cover guest meals, taxes, and additional expenses. 
  • Finalize special presentations/meetings by communicating with the following Chairs: Piano; Voice; String; WW/Perc/Brass;  Composition/Theory; Organ/Harpsichord; MTNA Certification; Planning Senate; College Faculty; Independent Music Teachers; Arts Awareness & Advocacy; and Student Activities.  Remind them that you need all the information requested on the Presenter Proposals Form regarding their events, and that they are due when all the other Presenter Proposal Forms are due. 


  • Update the schedule as necessary.
  • The Registration Form should be on the website sometime during this month.  Be sure to have the Registration Form approved by the Treasurer beforehand.
  • Presenter Proposal Forms should be due by this point so that final decisions can be made regarding the schedule.
  • Touch base with the Piano Contest Director to make preliminary plans for the Honors Recitals.  You will need to decide how many recitals, how long they will be, and how much time is needed to set-up for each recital. 
  • Edit the Conference Sponsor/Advertiser Information with the Treasurer and Editor.
  • Determine who will take care of the banquet centerpieces/decorations, preferably a local MTA.  Negotiate a budget for this. 


  • Finalize the times for the Piano Honors Recitals with the Piano Contest Director on this.  The forms are due to the Piano Contest Director around July 1. 
  • Update the schedule as necessary.
  • Work on the schedule so that it can be published in the September Journal and revised for the Conference Bulletin (Section 1).  This is  involved, but can be started in May.


  • Finalize the schedule so that it can be published in the September Journal and revised for the Conference Bulletin (Section 1). 
  • Write an article for the website and the September Bulletin with the final details.  The Registration Form should have been on the website in May.
  • Be sure that directions to the hosting institution are on the website. 
  • Get a map of the campus—or at least the portion of campus that will be utilized for the website and the Conference Bulletin.  
  • Keep in close contact with the MTNA Competition Chair regarding the scheduling of rooms.
  • Be sure you have all information about the banquet speakers for the Conference Bulletin.
  • Update the schedule as necessary.
  • Check with the Local Conference Chair to make sure that student monitors have been assigned to assist on Friday.  Encourage the MTNA Competition Coordinator to work directly with the Local Conference Chair on this.   


  • Tie up any loose ends with the Local Conference Chair (plan signage, make sure tables and tablecloths have been ordered, that pianos will be tuned and ready, etc.).
  • Keep in close contact with the MTNA Competition Chair regarding the scheduling of rooms.
  • Finalize the list of sponsors and exhibitors.  Communicate with the Treasurer and Editor on this.
  • The final copy of the schedule for the Conference Bulletin is due!
  • Be sure to order enough copies of the Conference Bulletin so that all guest presenters and sponsors get a copy.  At least make a copy of the relevant pages for each presenter who is not an NCMTA member.
  • Confirm tables and tablecloths have been ordered with the Local Conference Chair.
  • Have Local Conference Chair confirm appropriate custodial service during the conference.


  • Finalize the numbers for meal choices and get them to the catering company—usually a week or so before the conference.
  • Assist in the final Conference setup as necessary.

Vice President (Membership)

Vice President (MTNA Foundation)


The following is from the MTNA Foundation State Chair Handbook:


Overall Responsibilities:

As state chair for the MTNA Foundation FUND, you have been selected to coordinate your state’s efforts to support the FUND through individual and association contributions. You are the Foundation’s advocate within your state. In this important leadership role you are expected to:

  • Inform your state members about the MTNA Foundation Fund
  • Encourage each MTNA member in your state to contribute to the Foundation Fund
  • Cultivate new donors and increase contributions from your state
  • Serve as a conduit between your state and the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND office at national headquarters


This document, which can be found online at .is a very valuable source of information about the MTNA Foundation.


The MTNA State Foundation Chair is responsible for fundraising through a raffle held at the NCMTA Fall Conference and for providing the State Pride prize for the raffle held at the National Conference each spring.


Instructions for the raffle at the NCMTA Fall Conference:

In September and October, gather items from local businesses either through donations from the businesses or purchases.  Examples of items from past raffles:  gift cards, teaching aids, music, CDs, etc.


The raffle is held after the Saturday evening banquet.  You should ask for donations before and during the dinner; each person who makes a donation receives a receipt which serves as his raffle ticket.   You will need a receipt book to document donations and to serve an entry forms.


After the raffle, send a list of members and amounts donated to the National office.  MTNA Foundation Fund, 441 Vine Street, Suite 3100, Cincinnati, OH  45202-3004.

Instructions for the State Pride Drawing at the MTNA National Conference:

All states are asked to donate a gift of at least $50 in value for the drawing.  Because many of the recipients fly to the conference and suitcase space is limited, gift cards/certificates are appreciated.  In the past a gift card combined with a small gift representing the state has been donated.  All State Pride items should be delivered to the MTNA Conference Desk at the conference.



A Gala honoring MTNA  Foundation Fellows is held one evening during the National Conference.  Each state association can sponsor at table.  You will receive an email in January concerning the required contribution and this item should be voted on at the next Board meeting.


  • The treasurer receives annual dues and all other receipts for the General Operating Fund and pays all bills authorized by the Executive Officers and/or the Board of Directors; keeps an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements; presents a financial report to the President and executive Board upon request; and submits all records to an auditor prior to submitting these records to the succeeding Treasurer.
  • The Finance Committee shall consist of the President, President-Elect, Past President, and Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall serve as chair of this committee.  The Committee shall submit to the NCMTA Board for approval an annual budget based on recommendations of the NCMTA Treasurer.  It shall be responsible for all financial records and policies of the association.
  • Keep the NCMTA Financial Policy updated as changes are voted on and passed.
  • Deposit membership dues when received from MTNA; Retain copies of reports for Treasurer’s files.  Check the rebate reports for student members and validate their student status.


  • Treasurer’s Report due at Board meeting (7/1-12/31)
  • Conference Report due at board meeting
  • Pay travel expenses to Board members for Board meeting
  • Chair Finance Committee meeting (usually follow Board meeting)
  • Submit proposed budget at Finance Committee meeting
  • Send 1099-Misc. for anyone paid more than $600.00.  Furnish Copy B of 1099 to the recipient by 1/31.  File Copy A of the 1099 with the IRS by 2/28.


  • Receive and deposit checks from the Piano Contest Director for District Contests
  • Pay Piano Contest judges and reimburse District Chairs for expenses
  • Update the Financial for the upcoming year


  • Receive and deposit checks from the Piano Contest Director for State Contests
  • Pay Piano Contest judges and reimburse State Chairmen for expenses
  • Treasurer’s Report due at Board meeting (7/1-3/31)
  • Submit Final Budget to Board members for Board meeting
  • Pay Editor $150 Honorarium for May Journal


  • Pay honoraria ($250 each) to Contest Director and Webmaster
  • Pay Honorarium ($500) to Treasurer (01/09)
  • Pay Travel fund to NCMTA Scholarship Fund based on membership numbers from the spring Board meeting ($5/NCMTA member); make check payable to NCMTA Scholarship Fund


  • Close the end of year Financial statements (7/1-6/30)
  • Pay Directors and Officers insurance premium (Renewal comes to the President who then forwards the invoice for payment.)  Pay the first week of July.
  • Submit conference pre-registration form to Editor for the September Journal (deadline 8/01)
  • Prepare Tax Returns for previous fiscal year (Due11/15) 990 EZ Short Form (with Schedule A), attach Treasurer’s Report for the fiscal year to copy of tax form for files; attach Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and General ledger for the fiscal year to also be filed
  • Coordinate with president-elect to design registration form for conference and send to the Publications Editor for the Sept. Journal
  • Order nametags and ribbons for the conference


  • Deposit Fall Workshop checks and pay expenses
  • Honorarium of $150 to Editor for September Journal


    Conference and MTNA Auditions:

  • Receive registration forms and fees, keep list of fees paid and meals paid (spread sheet), make tickets for meals, receive sponsors contributions, receive advertiser money for bulletin ads, receive commissioned composer rebate check from MTNA Nametags for registrants, NCMTA board of directors with ribbons, past presidents with ribbons, session clinicians, conference artist, commissioned composer, MTNA Audition judges (Chairman of MTNA Comp. may do these)
  • Write checks for Session clinicians, MTNA Audition Judges, competition chairmen expenses, Piano Contest Director expenses, Conference chairmen expenses, conference artist pay and expenses, commissioned composer honorarium, conference bulletin, conference bulletin editor honorarium ($225), IMT Scholarship recipient ($500)
  • Take to conference: checkbook, nametags, cash for change for on-site registration, registration forms, receipt book, calculator, treasurer reports for board meeting (Year-end report (7/1-6/30) and Quarterly Report (7/1-9/30) (Also at the board meeting, if needed, vote on any dues changes for the following year), treasurer report for annual meeting (Fiscal Year Income and Expenses, total assets as of June 30, number of conference registrants), lists of registrants and meal ticket purchases
  • After conference: write conference report when all items paid for (expenses, meals), receive rebate check from MTNA Auditions
  • Send MTNA Competitions Report to Senior Deputy Executive Director of MTNA


  • Tax Return due 11/15
  • Mail $150 to Southern Division Director for Southern Division reception at the national conference at request of President; Make payable to MTNA
  • Return State Dues Verification Sheet to MTNA for spring mailing of invoices.  The due date is listed on the form.


  • Mail check to Southern Division Director-Elect for travel fund at the request of the President; compute amount @$1/NCMTA member, due by 12/15; make check payable to MTNA (This money helps to defray expenses for the Southern Division winners’ travel to compete at the National Conference)


When changing to a new Treasurer, change addresses with the bank, Morgan Stanley, IRS, Clark Theders Ins. Co. and MTNA.  Change the signature card at the bank to the new President and Treasurer.  Submit all records to an independent auditor.



The Secretary’s job is to record minutes and keep records. One job term lasts two years. During this term, the Secretary should be present to take minutes at the three regular board meetings each year and at the general business meeting held during the annual fall conference. The minutes should be submitted to the entire board of directors via email within 10 days of each meeting. Members may submit corrections by email or at the following meeting. The Secretary should update the minutes with corrections as received until the minutes are approved.

  • As stated above, the minutes should be submitted to the entire board of directors via email within 10 days of each meeting.
  • The latest version of the minutes should be emailed to the president two weeks before the next meeting
  • Once the minutes are corrected and approved, they should be sent promptly to the Webmaster to be posted online. Contact information for the Webmaster is listed on the NCMTA website.
  • Minutes for the general business meeting should be submitted to the Editor of the NC Music Teachers Journal no later than two months before the date of the fall conference. Contact information for the Editor is listed on the NCMTA website.
  • As a courtesy, if any board member does not have email access and is unable to attend a meeting, the Secretary may mail copies of the minutes and all reports to that member.

Format for Minutes:

  • List date and location for each meeting
  • List members in attendance
  • Include time of the call to order
  • Consider breaking up the minutes into at least these four headings: Items from the President, Reports, Old Business, and New Business. More subdivisions are just fine, but using a minimum of four helps to organize the minutes and make them readable.
  • Include time of adjournment


  • The NCMTA board has found it helpful if the Secretary includes a description of the most important points in each report. If a report is extremely short, it is sufficient simply to note that the report was given, without a summary. A lengthy or particularly important report, especially if changes are discussed or motions are made, may need a longer description.
  • According to Robert’s Rules, it is not necessary to include the name of the person who seconds a motion, but it should be noted that the motion was seconded.
  • Unless withdrawn, all motions should be included in the minutes, whether they passed or not.

Record Keeping:

  • All the minutes, in addition to being emailed to the Board of Directors and to the Webmaster, should be printed and filed in a dedicated binder after they have been approved.
  • The Secretary is in charge of this binder during his or her term, and should pass it to the incoming Secretary when that term ends.
  • All reports for each meeting should be sent to the Secretary in electronic form, and/or collected in printed form at the meeting. The Secretary should file these in the binder with the corresponding minutes.
  • At the beginning of each calendar year, the Secretary should make a separate document listing all the motions that were made and passed during the previous year. One copy should be emailed to the President and another filed in the binder.
  • If any records are missing and cannot be located, check for hard copies on file at the Wilson Library at UNC-CH.
Past President

  • Provide guidance for the current NCMTA President
  • Attend NCMTA Board meetings
  • Term:  2 years
  • In even-numbered year, chair the nominating committee to compile a slate of new NCMTA Executive Board officers. The committee is appointed by the President and is made up of the Past President and 4 active NCMTA members. The nominating committee can meet at the annual state conference and/or correspond by email or telephone.
  • Present the new slate of officers at the annual NCMTA state conference general meeting which falls on the following odd-numbered year





    The NCMTA webmaster maintains the website and is responsible for a functional site, organizing content and updating information as received from board members. The webmaster also ensures that the domain name and hosting package are current with payments to Network Solutions.


    MTNA Certification Chair

    1. Be Knowledgeable

    • Be aware of procedures for procuring an application packet and making an application for MTNA Certification
    • Be able to explain application brochure and procedure
    • Review the renewal points folder and know of activities that will count for certification renewal points
    • Answer any questions regarding the MTNA Professional Certification Program or know where to refer them for an answer

    2. Be a Communicator

    • Serve as liaison to local certification chairman--Provide them with ideas for promoting certification
    • Recruit candidates for MTNA Professional Certification
    • Write a regular article for your state's newsletter/magazine
    • Answer all inquiries about certification promptly and pleasantly
    • Encourage retention of NCTM through the MTNA Professional Certification Renewal program

    3. Be Available

    • Recruit candidates for MTNA Professional Certification
    • Offer to provide a certification program for local associations

    4. Be Visible

    • Provide a certification display for your state convention
    • Organize a question/answer or other certification information session at a state workshop or as part of the state convention
    • Secure mentors, when requested, for candidates applying for MTNA certification
    • Acknowledge the names of those newly certified in the state at state convention, and present with certification pin

    5. Be an Organizer

    • Arrange for time and place at state convention to proctor examinations
    • Administer Proficiency and Certification Examinations at State Conventions
    If unable to be present during MTNA proficiency and certification examinations, provide information packet to the Examiner administering certification
     Planning Senate Chair
    • Preside at the Planning Senate meeting at the NCMTA annual state conference
    • Attend NCMTA Board meetings and present Planning Senate reports as necessary
    • Term:  3 years
    • Elections for new Planning Senate chair: every 3 years at the annual Planning Senate meeting
    • Make-up of Planning Senate:  current and all past NCMTA Presidents
    • Purpose:  offer suggestions and provide guidance for the NCMTA Board


    Editor, NC Music Teacher

    Overall Responsibilities:

    • Solicit ads for the journals and the Conference Bulletin (CB)
    • Collect information from board members for the journals and CB.
    • Submit information for design and printing.
    • Proof publications before printing
    • Send invoices for ads




    • Send reminder to advertisers with prices, deadlines, specifications for the coming year


    • Send reminder to advertisers with prices, deadlines, specifications for the coming year
    • Start receiving ads for the Sept. journal, and remind those who haven’t contacted me
    • Send reminder to board members about the August 1 deadline for the Sept. journal


    • Collect information from board members for the Sept. journal.  The enclosures for the Sept. issue are as follows:




    Front cover building pictures

    On Site Chair

    Inside Front cover ad-Meredith


    Exec. Bd.


    The President’s Page


    Conference Hotels


    Conference Schedule


    Directions -Parking


    Campus Map


    Conference Artist Picture

    Piano Section Chair

    Conference Artist Bio

    Piano Section Chair

    Commissioned Composer Picture

    Comp Chair

    Commissioned Composer Bio

    Comp Chair

    Guest Clinician Pictures

    President-Elect – Chairs

    Guest Clinician Bios

    President-Elect – Chairs

    IMTF Breakfast

    IMTF Chair

    IMTF Breakfast Speaker Picture

    IMTF Chair

    IMTF Breakfast Speaker Bio

    IMTF Chair

    Local Association News


    Foundation News

    Foundation Chair

    Piano Section News

    Piano Section Chair

    Contest-Festival Dates/Chairs

    Contest Chair

    State Contest-Festival Info

    Contest Chair

    District Map  ??

    Contest Chair

    Contest-Festival Application

    Contest Chair

    MTNA Certification Article

    Certif. Chair

    Membership Information

    Memb. Chair



    Invitation to state conf.



    • Prepare the information to submit for design and printing.
    • Collect all ads for the Sept. journal – double check the sizes for journal/CB
    • Send reminder about the Sept. 1 deadline for the CB.
    • Proof the Sept. journal.
    • Mail the Sept. journals


    • Collect the information for the CB.
    • Contact advertisers for ads (correct size)
    • Prepare all the information for design and printing
    • Proof the CB
    • Provide for the CB’s to be at the board meeting and Conference
    • Send ad invoices if not already done so


    • CB’s to the Conference
    • Be sure all exhibitors get a Conference Bulletin
    • Continue to collect for ad invoices


    • Continue to collect for ad invoices


    • Contact advertisers and encourage ads for the May journal


    • Send reminder to board members about April 1 deadline for May journal


    • Collect information from board members for the Sept. journal.  The enclosures for the May  issue are as follows:




    2011 Commissioned Composition excerpt

    Composition Chair

    Updated Exec Board listing updates


    President’s Page


    2012 Conference Highlights

    President Elect

    2012 Guest Artist – bio/pic

    Piano Section Chair

    2012 Conference Clinicians – bios/pics

    President Elect 

    Conference Accommodations

    President Elect

    MTNA Certification News – bios/pics

    Certification Chair

    Section News

    Section Chairs

    NC MTNA National Winners – bios/pics

    MTNA Competition Chair

    NCMTA Composition Competition Info.

    Composition Chair

    State Piano-Contest Festival Results (asap)

    Contest-Festival Co-Chairs

    District Contest-Festival Results (asap)

    Contest-Festival Co-Chairs

    IMTF Scholarship Application updates

    IMTF Chair

    Piano Contest-Festival Workshops – bios/pics

    Piano Section Chair

    NCMTA Contest-Festival List

    Piano Section Chair

    In Memoriam bio/pic/obituary

    Any Board Member with info.


    • Prepare the information to submit for design and printing.
    • Collect all ads for the May  journal – double check the size for journal


    • Contact advertisers with prices, deadlines, specifications for ads for the coming year
    • Proof the May journal, and send it to the printer
    • Invoice any advertisers who have not paid for this year
    • Solicit new advertisers
    • Mail the May journals.


    Piano Teachers Chair


    Contest-Festival Repertoire List:

    • Assemble the selection committee, usually consisting of five members including yourself.  The previous Piano Section Chair is often included on the committee, for the first year. 
    • The four members of the committee beside yourself can be assigned to each of the four sections of the list (Jr A, B, Sr A, B) to review and make suggestions for revisions.  Once the committee is constituted, most of this work will be done by the individual committee members in advance of the first (and hopefully, only) face-to-face meeting of the committee.  This meeting typically happens in January. NCMTA pays the mileage for the committee.  Ask the members to report the mileage to you, so that you may report it to the treasurer for re-imbursement.
    • Go back to the list from seven years previous to begin construction of a new list.  The previous list should be updated, especially in the 20th century section to reflect new additions to the repertoire.  Historical lists will be forwarded from Chair to Chair.
    • Include musical incipits for each of the selections.
    • The January meeting should result in the first draft of the new list.  The next step is to have a music store employee research the list on availability of editions, and check for errors. 
    • Ideally, the list should be on the Website by February.
    • The list should also be submitted to the editor of the NCMT for publication in the May Journal.  The Piano Contest-Festival Rules are also published in the May NCMT.


    • The primary responsibility of the Piano Section Chair is to select the conference artist, usually a pianist.  The NCTMA board must approve the Conference Artist and fee.  Host the conference artist, arrange for hospitality and ground transportation while he/she is here.  The conference artist’s fee is $2000.  They are responsible for their own airfare.  We cover lodging and meals.  The $2000 covers their concert and all extra sessions they give.
    • In addition to the concert, the conference artist usually teaches a Saturday afternoon master class, and does a session on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Arrange for the students who perform in the Master Class.
    • Conference artist timeline. By February, you should receive a photo and "bio" to be included in the May NCMT magazine (This same photo and "bio" may be used again in the September NCMT magazine and in the conference bulletin. By May, you should make hotel reservations for the Conference Artist for the fall conference.  (NCMTA will pay for the room. By July, you should have the recital program from the Conference Artist to be printed in the September NCMT (deadline July 15), and also to be sent to the NCMTA Vice-President (Conference Chair) in order for it to be printed in the convention bulletin. By August, you should have the flight agenda from the Conference Artist. Send to the Treasurer a detailed agenda for the Conference Artist: hotel location and fee (how many nights) and number of conference meal tickets needed. See that publicity information is available to the Local Convention Chair. Arrange with the Local Conference Chair to have the recital program printed by the Conference College or university. Check with the Local Conference Chair concerning microphone, podium, etc. for the Piano Section Sessions.
    • Preside over the piano section meeting.  Should be conducted according to Roberts Rules.  Agenda items:  Reading of the minutes of the previous year's meeting. Report of Vice-Chair of Workshops. Report of Contest Director. Announcements. Old Business, New Business.
    • Piano Section Banquet    Preside at the annual Piano Section Banquet. Make arrangement for the speaker or a musical program. Arrange with the Local Convention Chairman for the head table


    • Prepare a piano section letter, to be published in the May Journal.  April 1 deadline
    • Select a Piano Section Nominating Committee (3-4 members) at the even-year conference.  The committee will nominate a Piano Section Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.  (Encourage the committee to make a decision at the conference, in order to avoid extra expenses.) Officers are elected in odd-year Conference and serve through the next odd-year conference.
    • Attend January board meeting, May board meeting, and board meeting in connection with the conference.  Make reports at each of those meetings.


    • The Vice chair is responsible for identifying Fall clinicians by the January Board Meeting, selecting the dates and coordinating the on site arrangements.
    • Workshop information should be submitted by the April 1 deadline for publication in the May journal.
    • Workshop information should be sent to the NCMTA Webmaster.

    Voice Teachers Chair

    I.    Annual State Conference

       a.     Arrange (preferably 2 or more) sessions pertinent to vocal instructors (prior to May deadline)

                i.    Decide presenters for each session

                      1.  If presenter is an NCMTA member or Faculty member of the host school, they will not be financially compensated

                      2.  If presenter is not an NCMTA member or host school faculty, a small stipend may be given

                ii.  Ensure presenters have all necessary equipment, i.e. piano, power-point equipment, hand-outs, etc.

                iii.  Arrange for an accompanist, if needed.  A small stipend may be given.

                iv.  Confirm date, time and location with presenter and accompanist prior to conference

       b.  Arrange for Presiders for each section. 

                i.  Inform presiders of time and location of session.

                ii.  Inform presiders of any special needs of the presenter.

                iii.  Share the following instructions with the presider:

                      As a presider, please be sure to do the following:

    1) Get to the room a little early to make sure it is set-up

    2) Assist the presenter with any last-minute details (handouts, etc.)

    3) Get assistance from someone if there is a problem with the technology in the room

    4) Give a very brief introduction to the speaker (often, you can just refer to the page in the Conference Bulletin) and welcome them.

    5) Close the session at the appropriate time by thanking the speaker.  You will want to coordinate with the speaker how to do this (perhaps give a 10 or 5-minute warning signal?).

    6) Assist the presenter in quickly cleaning things up so that the next session can begin on time.  

       c. Advertise to local voice instructors and voice teacher members about conference.

                                               i.    Possible forms of advertisement include, personal emails, phone calls, post cards

                                              ii.    Advertising materials may be subtracted from the voice section budget

       d.  Arrange and preside over Voice Section Business Meeting

    II.    Voice Festival

       a.  Assist Voice Festival Director in any needed areas

    III.    Budget

       a.  Maintain spreadsheet of income and expenses for the voice section

       b.  All income checks should be made payable to NCMTA

       c. Contact Treasurer to distribute funds when needed

    IV. Other

       a.  Attend all NCMTA board meetings (Feb, May, Oct)

       b. Write article for the May NCMT Journal and submit to the editor. (March)

    String Teachers Chair

    • Regularly attends board meetings and important related meetings
    • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time
    • Stays informed about committee matters, prepares themselves well for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports
    • Gets to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus
    • Coordinate string related activities for the State Conferences
    • Actively recruit prospective members

    WW/Perc/Brass Teachers Chair


    In accordance with the NCMTA constitution, the chair of the Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion section will advocate fully for activities and interests appropriate for his/her section and area of expertise, in accordance with the Executive Board.  Additionally, the chair may also seek vice chairs and other appropriate positions to further the interests of his/her respective area.  The chair of the Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion section will work to fully integrate wind and percussion instrumental music, teaching and ancillary activities, including recruitment of wind and percussionist membership, into the totality of the NCMTA activities.


    Composition/Theory Teachers Chair


    1. Commission a new work
    2. Young Composers Contest
    3. MTNA Composition Competition


    Timeline for Commissioned Composer:


    • Notify Chris Goldston and Linda Stump at MTNA to add you to their email list.
    • Read rules and regulations regarding commissioned composer at
    • At least 10 months before Stake Conference, find commissioned composer (some states find them 1 - 2 years in advance. Past commissioned composers can be found at
    • Let composer know amount of commission they will get, date of State Conference, the possibility of composition advancing to a national level, and the general rules of the commission.  Refer them to the information at regarding the commissioned composer.
    • Fill out 3 contracts for composer, send all 3 to composer to sign, composer then sends all 3 to State MTA President, State MTA president sends to MTNA.
    • MTNA signs all 3 copies, keeps one, mails one to composer, and one to State MTA President.
    • Establish time that Commissioned work will be performed at the State Conference.
    • As state conference is being planned, make sure someone is scheduled to record the commissioned work.  Also make sure there is time planned in conference schedule for rehearsal of commissioned work (if the room can be blocked off 2-3 hours before recital, it is helpful).
    • Composer sends composition to Composition Chair at least 4 weeks before premier performance.  (6 weeks before is even better.)
    • Important step - State MTA President must notify MTNA AT LEAST 4 WEEKS before premier performance that commissioned composition has been received and premier performance has been established in order to receive $750 from MTNA.
    • MTNA will send a check for $750 to State MTA. State MTA will add $750 to that so that composer will be paid $1500 at premier performance.
    • Make sure a recording will be made at premier performance.
    • Print recital programs a few days before program (including winners of the MTNA Composition Competition).
    • Give check to commissioned composer at premier performance.
    • Send recording and commissioned work to MTNA by December 1st so that work can compete nationally.
    • File a 1099 and a 1096 form for payment made to composer.


    Young Composers Contest:

    • Post entry deadline at
    • Make sure mailing address of where compositions are to be mailed to is posted at
    • Secure judge 3-6 months before entry deadline.  Only 1 judge is needed.
    • After entries are received, mail to judge.  Give judge approximately 3 weeks to judge and mail back.
    • Notify all teachers of winners.
    • Send check to judge.  YCC judge is currently paid $15 per composition.
    • Let teachers know when the Young Composers Recital will be.
    • When State Conference is being planned, block off at least 1 hour before Young Composers Recital for students to come early and rehearse their compositions.
    • Give certificates and judging comments to students.  These can be mailed, or given to students at the Young Composers Recital.
    • Prepare program for the NC Young Composers Recital.



    MTNA Composition Competition:

    • Review rules for competition at
    • Post entry deadline at
    • 3-6 months before entry deadline, secure 3 judges.  Judges cannot be the same ones used previous year.  Only 1 judge may be needed if there are only a few entries.  (See rules.)
    • When MTNA gives you access to portal, fill in information for judges.
    • All submissions are made online as a pdf.  All judging is done online.
    • After submission deadline, give judges access to portal.
    • Make sure judges know when compositions must be judged by.
    • After judging is done, send emails to students notifying them of winners.
    • Send checks to judges.  Judges are currently paid $25 per composition.
    • Help winners schedule rehearsal time in recital hall before the performance, if needed.
    • Prepare program for the recital.  (The winning students and honorable mentions will perform on the same recital as the commissioned composer).
    • Prepare certificates for winners and honorable mentions.  These may be mailed or given at recital.
    • If there is a State Representative, do not give them a certificate (MTNA rules). A State Representative occurs when only one student enters a category.  Their work will not be advanced to the national level.  Composition Chair and State MTA President may decide if a State Representative will be invited to perform at recital.


    Organ/Harpsichord Teachers Chair

    Piano Contest Director


    The Piano Contest-Festival Director oversees all of the NCMTA Piano district and state contest-festivals by organizing judges, sending and receiving paperwork and emails from district and state chairs, coordinating honors recitals for the state conferences, attending NCMTA Board Meetings, and through completion of many other detailed tasks (included in the job schedule below).


    October (When you begin)

    • Attend the Thursday evening board meeting at the State Conference

                You will be introduced as the new director

                Get a good supply of stationary and envelopes

    • Get the President’s signature to be used on certificates (This can be done at the Conference or electronically at another date.)


    • Send out [Prospective Judges Email] to [Email Addresses of Prospective Judges]
    • Have new certificates printed for both district and state contests. (Use last years statistics of entry numbers for estimate. Blue certificates for District Contests and Gold Certificates for the State Contests.) (You may use Quick Copy Shop if you wish. (704)647-2020, PO Box 1527, Salisbury, NC 28145, Account #31 has it on file. When you call them, ask about sending the President’s signature to be included.)
    • Also Purchase Gold and Silver Seals as needed. Use last year’s estimates. (Can also be purchased from Quick Copy Shop.)
    • Email all district and state chairpersons just to introduce yourself and remind them to secure piano studios at their campus music department if they have not already.

    January (first week)

    • Send [District Chair Instructions] and [District Registration Form] to all district chairpersons.
    • Secure all Judges for District and State Contests. (You can use [Email Confirmation to Judges] as a model.

    You can use [2013 Contest Judges-Chart] as a tool to help you organize for future years.

    Give them the date and location of their judging assignment and let them know that their district or state chairperson will be contacting them with more information.

    Be sure to ask for an updated Bio, updated mailing address.

    January (last week)(Or February first week)

    • Verify and send district contest checks from Contest applications (received from Chairpersons) to the NCMTA treasurer.
    • Send 1st Email to all district chairs including the following 10 documents:

                            -Financial Form District

                            -Entry List Form District

                            -Journal Stats Form District

                            -Count Sheet District

                            -Superior Form District

                            -State Application

                            -Rating Form

                            -MTNA Music Release Form

                            -Monitors Instructions District

                            -Judges Instructions District

    • Send 2nd email individually to each district chairperson including the following items: Judges contact information for judges assigned to the district, including addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. and Bios of each judge assigned to the district.
    • Send via regular mail Certificates and Seals (send about 10 extra)


    February (last week or first week of March)

    • Send [State Chair Instructions] and [State Registration Form] to all district chairpersons.
    • Send 1st Email to state chairs including the following 10 documents:

                            -State Financial Form

                            -State Entry List Form

                            -State Journal Stats Form

                            -State Superior Form District

                            -State Rating Form

                            -MTNA Music Release Form

                            -State Monitor Instructions

                            -State Judges Instructions

                            -Teachers Superior Recital Entry

                            -Student Superior Recital Invite

    • Send 2nd email individually to each state chairperson including the following items: Judges contact information for judges assigned, including addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. and Bios of each judge assigned.
    • Send via regular mail Certificates and Seals (send about 10 extra)


    • Receive final reports from district chairpersons
    • Tabulate district final reports for the May NCMT [May Journal District Results]. Send to editor.
    • Send PCF Rules [May Journal Contest Rules Updated for 20xx-20xx) (including any necessary updates) to the editor for printing in May Journal.
    • Write thank you letters to district judges as districts are completed. [Judges Thanks] and mail letters and [Treasurer Judges Pay] to NCMTA Treasurer. She will add the honorarium checks and mail them to the judges.
    • Write thank you letters to district chairpersons [Chairperson Thanks] and mail letters to the NCMTA treasurer. Indicate the amount each chairperson needs to be reimbursed on a separate sheet when mailing to the treasurer. She will enclose the reimbursement checks when mailing out to each chairperson.
    • Send [Superior Recital Entry Form] to webmaster for inclusion on PCF webpage.
    • Verify and send state contest checks from Contest applications (received from Chairpersons) to the NCMTA treasurer.


    • Write thank you letters to state judges, [Judges Thanks] and mail letters and [Treasurer Judges Pay] to NCMTA Treasurer. She will add the honorarium checks and mail them to the judges.
    • Write thank you letters to State chairpersons [Chairperson Thanks] and mail letters to the NCMTA treasurer. Indicate the amount each chairperson needs to be reimbursed on a separate sheet when mailing to the treasurer. She will enclose the reimbursement checks when mailing out to each chairperson.
    • Receive final reports from state chairpersons
    • Tabulate state final reports for the May NCMT [May Journal State Superior Results]. Send to editor.

    May (April, May, June, as needed)

    • Discuss with Conference Coordinator: How many recitals are needed and possibilities for times and days of honors recitals during the fall state conference.


    • Confirm new district contest dates, locations, any new chairpersons. District Chairs are responsible for finding replacement if they will not continue.
    • Coordinate with the State Chairs their place and date.
    • Send to the NCMT Editor the Contest Information [September Journal Dates and Chairs] and Contest Registration Form [September Journal District Application] to be printed in the September Journal.


    • Organize Conference Recitals and create conference recital programs drafts.
    • Inform teachers of their students’ performance times and ask them to confirm spelling and repertoire. Give them details on location and specific instructions to pass along to their students for recital day.
    • Finalize conference recital programs and print programs (around 3 for each student).


    • Responsible for Recitals. Prepare brief opening and closing remarks. Having name tags for student chairs so that students will sit in the order that they perform.


    NC Scholarship Fund Chair


    October (Before the fall NCMTA Conference)

    • Prepare the NCMTA Scholarship Foundation Report for the fall NCMTA Conference Board Meeting
    • MTNA/NCMTA Conference Performance Winners Information:

    Remind NCMTA Competition Chair that you will need the following information after the Fall NCMTA Conference:

                                        -Winning Student Name

                                        -Mailing Address

                                        -Performance Category

    Remind the NCMTA State President that you will need a “generic” Congratulatory Letter after the Fall NCMTA Conference          

    October/November (After the Fall NCMTA Conference)

    • Secure all Winning Student’s contact information from the NCMTA Competition Chair  
    • Secure the State President’s Congratulatory Letter
    • Mail $50.00 checks to each Winning Student with the Congratulatory Letter

    January (NCMTA Board Meeting)

    • Prepare the NCMTA Scholarship Foundation Report for the NCMTA January Board Meeting
    • Meet with the NCMTA State President, NCMTA Treasurer, and NCMTA Past President to determine the award amount for each performing student at the MTNA Southern Division Competitions and the MTNA National Competitions.

    January (After the MTNA SD Competitions: Martin Luther King Weekend)

    • Secure the names of all NCMTA students who performed at the MTNA SD Competitions from the MTNA SD Competitions Chair
    • Secure the NCMTA State President’s Congratulatory Letter for the MTNA SD Winners
    • Mail checks (January NCMTA BOD approved amount) to each student who performed at the MTNA SD Competitions
    • Mail checks (January NCMTA BOD approved amount) to each Winning Student with the Congratulatory Letter

    March/April (After the MTNA National Competitions)

    • Secure the names of all NCMTA students who performed at the MTNA National Competitions
    • Secure the NCMTA State President’s Congratulatory Letter for the MTNA National Winners
    • Mail checks (January NCMTA BOD approved amount) to each student who performed at the MTNA National Competitions
    • Mail checks (January NCMTA BOD approved amount) to each Winning Student with the Congratulatory Letter

    May (NCMTA Board Meeting)

    • Prepare the NCMTA Scholarship Report for the NCMTA May Board Meeting


    College Faculty Chair


    • Provides opportunities for communication and collaboration on professional issues affecting college music faculty.
    • Fosters professional engagement among NCMTA college faculty members through the posting of information, scholarly articles, and workshop/masterclass videos on the state website.
    • Encourages interaction among NCMTA college faculty members through offerings of workshops or presentations at state conference, the creation of a state guest lecture/presenter list, and other avenues as identified by the current chair.
    • Maintains a current list of music department heads/contact in higher education schools across the state of North Carolina, including address, phone, and email; the list should be brought up-to-date at the start of each new school year, with adjustments made for administrative changes.

    Summer: contact state conference chair about College Faculty session for upcoming fall state conference (lunch, workshop, masterclass, etc.)

    August (beginning of school year): update music department heads contact list
    Quarterly or on schedule as determined by current chair: solicit contributions for articles, videos, etc. to be posted on the college faculty section of the NCMTA website

    MTNA Competition Chair


    See MTNA guidelines.

    Technology Chair


    Young Artist Competition Coordinator


    Reports to MTNA Competitions Chair and follows MTNA yearly guidelines for competitions.


    Senior Competition Coordinator


    Reports to MTNA Competitions Chair and follows MTNA yearly guidelines for competitions.

    Junior Competition Coordinator


    Reports to MTNA Competitions Chair and follows MTNA yearly guidelines for competitions.

    Independent Music Teachers Forum Chair


    This forum provides opportunities for communication and collaboration affecting the independent teacher. It also offers a $500.00 scholarship to an independent music teacher to be used for advanced study. It has been customary for IMTF to present a program at the annual NCMTA Conference. These programs have taken place at breakfast in the past and at lunch this year, 2012. At this meeting, the winner of the IMTF scholarship is presented that award.


    Timeline for IMTF:
    • Application for IMTF Scholarship must be sent to NC Music Teacher editor by April 15th to be published in the May journal.
    • September 1st is the deadline for scholarship applications. All entries are to be reviewed by a committee of qualified music teachers who will select the recipient. The winner is notified and is presented the award at the IMTF meeting at the upcoming conference.
    • The IMTF Chair plans the program for the yearly meetings and coordinates the times, venues and meals with the President-elect, the Conference chair.




    Collect and deposit all NCMTA Archive materials at the Wilson Library, UNC Chapel Hill, 4th floor. (Conference Recital Programs, Executive Board Reports, Minutes, and the State Conference Handbook. )  May and September Journals are deposited on the 1st floor.


    A NCMTA Yearbook is made each year by the Historian.  Take photos at the conference of NCMTA Superior Winners, Conference Artists and Clinicians, Commissioned Composer, IMTF Scholarship Award Winners, Teacher of the Year Winner, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, group picture of Past Presidents, and snapshots of the members. Include photos and all recital programs in the yearbook.  The Yearbooks are kept by the Historian and displayed on a table each year at the Conference.


    Update the NCMTA Historical Website Page with the Commissioned Composer and Commissioned Work, National MTNA Winners, IMTF Scholarship Winner, Teacher of the Year, and all Outstanding MTNA Awards given to members.



    Arts Awareness & Advocacy Chair


    MTNA works with affiliated state and local associations to increase community awareness of the importance of music study and the professionalism of music teachers.  The MTNA publication “Community Outreach and Education for the Arts Handbook” is available for purchase from MTNA National Headquarters.  This handbook includes valuable information for promoting music and the other arts in our schools and communities.

    Possible avenues of exploration for the AAA Chair:

    • Locate non-commercial links that could be added to the NCMTA website, which provide research supporting why music lessons are important, encourage music training, etc.
    • Create a pamphlet, postcard, or other item which advertises our organization.  MTNA may have something similar that NCMTA could use as a starting point. 
    • Think of ways to further increase our presence.  For example, since NCMTA is a non-profit organization, explore possible free advertising on NPR and PBS.
    • Promote our organization to PTA groups, home school organizations, public school music teachers, etc.
    • Seek partnerships with other arts organizations to mutually support each other (examples:  NATS, MENC).
    • Create a budget for items that require funds to increase our presence.

    Student Activities Chair


    The main objective of this position is to build a community of collegiate music students who might be considering a career in music teaching and to promote their participation in various activities organized by NCMTA.  The following is a list of the goals for this position:

    • To create events that will be of interest to students enrolled in collegiate music programs at the state conference and other times of the year
    • To communicate with directors of college music programs to encourage student chapters
    • To encourage and assist students to establish collegiate NCMTA chapters in universities and colleges in the state

    -The Chairman will direct future chapter organizers to the website for the details of what steps need to be taken to form a chapter.

    -The Chairman will direct the chapter to send the documents to the Chairman, as well as the NCMTA President, for approval.
    -The Chairman will contact MTNA with the notice of approval and the information needed for the State Portal portion of the MTNA website.
    • To work with the leaders of collegiate chapters to determine events at their schools and support communication between the various collegiate chapters
    • To compile/update a list of all the directors of NC college music programs with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses


    Constitution/Handbook Chair


    Coordinate any proposed amendments/additions to the NCMTA Constitution/ByLaws. Obtain and update job descriptions for all members of the NCMTA Board of Directors.  Coordinate with the webmaster the linkage of BOD job descriptions on the NCMTA website.


    NCMTA Local Presidents


    Local Presidents serve as the link between local associations and the state association.


    NCMTA Local Conference Chair