Monthly Coffee and Conversation with Colleagues

Greetings from the Voice Section!

Coffee and Conversation with Colleagues. What is it all about?

Fellow Music Teachers – Join us on Zoom the second Tuesday of each month at 8:45 am. Expect coffee and conversation; experience personal and professional growth. Read on for past and upcoming topics and dates.

Voice Teachers Only? NCMTA members Only? Not at all!

Open to all music teachers of all instruments, members of NCMTA or not. Password required. Email Voice Section Chair for access:

Our Most Recent Conversation

June’s Coffee and Conversation, held on the14th, was facilitated by NCMTA President Kent Lyman. Kent enjoyed recounting all the interesting experiences he has had with NCMTA and MTNA, reflecting on how it has enriched his professional life, and that of all our members. The participants represented every corner of North Carolina!

Our Next Conversation

Join us July 12th at 8:45am for “NCMTA on the web.” Sitting in for Voice Section Chair and Coffee and Conversation host Annette Stowe, NCMTA webmaster Cathy Pescevich Kreplin will lead the discussion. You can find the Zoom link below. All are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Join us on Zoom! Email to introduce yourself and obtain the meeting password. Return here and click the purple button to join us on Zoom. All are welcome – we hope to see you there! Annette Stowe, Voice Section Chair.

Neat little summary of past topics

DateConversation Topic
We enjoyed our inaugural “Coffee and Conversation” with voice teacher colleagues on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021. We discussed how to generate solo opportunities for ourselves, so we can practice what we teach.
12/14/2021Practicing. How to: inspire, teach and model effective practice; initiate clear, direct, kind conversations with parents about optimizing the home practice environment; build relationships with students and their families so everyone is supporting the students in their studies.
01/11/2022Preparing students for music study in college: We had a lively discussion about the musical preparation college professors wish they saw more of with incoming freshman music majors.
02/08/2022Beyond Songs – everything else we teach. Methods and skills, patterns in music, rhythm, sight reading, solfeggio, intervals, harmonizing, listening, practical keyboard for singers: everything to help students become self-sufficient musicians. Piano and voice teachers talked, shared, and developed a list of resources.
03/08/2022Serving students with special needs. Know your student and what works each individual. Have a student teach a concept to you, get off the bench, get physical with rhythm, change up the lessons, work at the student’s pace – all good practices in general.
04/19/2022Working with adult students! One challenge older students may face is that they doubt their ability to learn. We discussed the power of “yet” as a mindset change. A simple statement such as, “I don’t have that skill yet” is so freeing!
05/10/2022Finding your voice through emotional blockageMental Voice and Mental Health. Working to help students “find their voice” can be the reason we teach, but it is also important to their development as humans and members of society .
06/14/2022A Conversation with the President. NCMTA President Kent Lyman led the discussion, recounting interesting experiences he has had with NCMTA and MTNA, reflecting on how it has enriched his professional life.
07/12/2022NCMTA on the Web. Sitting in for vacationing Annette Stowe, NCMTA Webmaster Cathy Pescevich Kreplin will lead the discussion.

From Annette Stowe, Voice Section Chair.

Interested in joining us? Contact the Voice Section Chair.

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