Letter to Colleges

The North Carolina Music Teachers Association (NCMTA), committed to supporting music teachers and providing opportunities (or students to excel, is appreciative of the many Institutions that have supported our organization through sponsorships, use of their facilities, and the expertise of their faculty and administration.

This letter is intended to express NCMTA's gratitude for your continuing support and outline just a few of the benefits we try to provide to these supportive institutions.

NCMTA organizes numerous events for thousands of pre-college students, allowing them and their families to have a first-hand experience on your campus. These families are introduced to the campus atmosphere, the variety of programs/degrees you offer, and the facilities you build and maintain. While most of the pre-college students who participate in our events do not pursue music as a career, they remember the venues they visited as young musicians. In a time of limited resources for colleges/universities to actively recruit potential students and bring visibility to their programs, hosting NCMTA events not only demonstrates your institution's mission to education and the value of the arts, but also supports your recruitment efforts at no, or very little, cost.

The nearly 600 pre-college and college-level teachers who participate in NCMTA events are also an integral part of our successful partnership. Teachers of pre-college music students are frequently a primary advisor to high school students contemplating their future educational opportunities. These music teachers often discover the various degree degrees/programs through visiting a college/university through one of NCMTA's events.

The missions of colleges/universities and NCMTA are very similar, but not in competition. Together, we strive to enhance our communities through artistic and creativity endeavors, intellectual discourse, and community building. Our partnerships represent the highest pursuits of achievement in intellect and artistry.

NCMTA organizes many events that motivate students to learn, grow, and succeed. The fees NCMTA currently charge to students barely covers the basic costs associated with each event. Volunteers usually oversee and organize these events. As a not-for-profit organization we rely on our partnerships to continue the extraordinary work we accomplish. An increase of fees to cover additional costs associated with "renting" a venue would likely become cost-prohibitive for many students to participate.

As President of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association I encourage faculty and administration to further reflect upon ways that we can support each other. The partnerships NCMTA has enjoyed with North Carolina colleges and universities has provided opportunities for students to grow as intellectual musicians, contribute to their communities, and be introduced to the leading educational institutions in our state.

Thank you,

NCMTA Board of Directors