Events & Registration:
MTNAPerformance Competitions

The state level of the MTNA performance competitions, the NC MTNA competitions, will take place on Thursday and Friday, October 11-12, 2018, at the UNC School of the Arts in Winston Salem, NC.  The majority of competitions will occur on Friday, October 12.  Depending on the number of applicants, it may be necessary to start Junior and Senior Piano competitions on Thursday, evening, October 11.

The MTNA performance competitions include four divisions: Junior (ages 11-14), Senior (ages 15-18), Young Artist (ages 19-26), and Chamber Music (average age of members, 18-26).

All competition procedures, including repertoire guidelines, regulations, and application can be located on the MTNA national website: 

Chair of the North Carolina MTNA Competitions is Dr. Kent Lyman (