NCMTA Certification
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MTNA Professional Certification Overview

Certification is a process that validates an individual's qualifications for a specific field of professional practice. It demonstrates to employers, clients, and peers that which the individual knows and is able to do. It signifies commitment to continued excellence in professional practice. In addition, it increases visibility, builds credibility, provides a goal for personal professional achievement and validates expertise for the individual and to those outside the field.


The MTNA Professional Certification program exists for teachers who teach music to students of any age level in private or group settings. The program is based upon a set of five standards defining what a competent music teacher should know and be able to do.


Upon fulfillment of these standards, applicants are granted the MTNA Professional Certification credential with the designation, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM). The credential and designation are granted without bias, discrimination, or favoritism between MTNA members and/or non-members or any other arbitrary differentiation. In order to maintain the MTNA Professional Certification credential and designation, NCTM must continue fulfilling the program's standards through the renewal process.


The MTNA Professional Certification program is objectively administered in a uniform manner to ensure fairness, accuracy, validity and integrity. Due process for reconsideration and reinstatement is included in the program for certification candidates, renewal candidates and for those who already hold the MTNA Professional Certification credential.

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Congratulations to our newest certified members!

Eden Esters Brown, NCTM

Eden Esters Brown, NCTM is a pianist and independent music teacher in Elon, NC. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance at Elon University, and a Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy at Louisiana State University. Eden currently serves on the music faculty at Elon University where she teaches applied piano to secondary piano students and non-music majors, as well as class piano and piano pedagogy. Eden has cultivated a thriving private studio of beginner and intermediate students based in Elon, NC since 2009, and she is committed to contributing to arts education for the youth of Alamance County. She co-directs the Children's Music and Handbells program at Elon Community Church, which includes a preschool Musikgarten program. Making music at the piano is a true passion of hers, and she is dedicated to increasing the availability of classical music training for children and families of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.
Dr. Dylan Savage, NCTM

Dr. Dylan Savage, NCTM
is a Bosendorfer Concert Artist, a Capstone Records recording artist, and winner of the Rome Festival Orchestra Competition. Savage is co-author of the popular piano pedagogy text, A Symposium for Pianists and Teachers: Strategies to Develop the Mind and Body for Optimal Performance published by Heritage Music Press. He has written many articles for Clavier, Pianoforte, Clavier Companion, and American Music Teacher magazines.

Dr. Savage has given numerous papers and lectures at national and international music conferences on interdisciplinary topics such as applying sports training techniques to piano performance. He is the creator / owner of What’s Music Got To Do With It? ( -- a consulting business that uses concepts found in music performance to help business professionals improve their work and management skills. He is an active solo and collaborative performer.