Arts Advocacy & Awareness

Statement from Arts Advocacy & Awareness Chair:

I am honored to serve as the Arts Advocacy and Awareness chair.  This site will have posts/materials that pertain to advocating for the arts.


1. What are our primary goals as music educators regarding arts awareness and advocacy?

2. Are we helping our students understand the importance of becoming an advocate of the arts and are we giving them help/tools toward that goal?

3. In what advocacy project could we involve ourselves and our students?

4. How can we better reach the parents of our students to help them understand that the education they are receiving in your respective studios has benefits far beyond the act of making music?


1. Our state conference can provide significant visibility to this necessary topic through paper presentations, workshops, panels, and informal discussions.  Think about presenting an Arts Advocacy and Awareness topic at a NCMTA conference.

2. When giving a concert or putting on a studio recital, let the audience know some quick factoid about the importance of music/arts. Make it interesting and meaningful.

My Goals

1. Building an arts awareness and advocacy data bank on our website which will become a resource for all our members. It might include lists of studies showing the benefits of music study and the like. It might also include organizations which provide resources and information on arts awareness and advocacy. I welcome information from you. If you find something that you think would be of interest to our members regarding this topic, please send it to me at the email address below for consideration. And thanks in advance.

2. Let music/arts educators throughout the state know that this organization is committed to supporting arts awareness and advocacy efforts, especially to developing new initiatives. All ideas are welcome. May I give a talk? Invite me!


Dylan Savage, DM

Associate Professor of Piano

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Practice Makes Habitual

As a university piano professor, I spend a great deal of time helping my students learn better practice techniques.  I then constantly remind them to make the techniques habitual -- engage them daily. Those habits are always music and in life.

Why couldn't arts advocacy and awareness be practiced by each of us?  A little each day or week -- till it becomes habitual.  What message about the importance of music study is sitting in the back of your mind?  When will you make it?  To whom?  And with practice, how might that message become more effective?  

We needn't wait.  Our audience needn't be large or important.  It could be a single person who's curiosity or interest could be piqued by something you said.  That interest might lead them to an art gallery a concert -- and their lives transformed.  

We can never really know what impact our words may have regarding the arts -- but we must make our case.  Often.  Practice talking about arts advocacy.  It's important to the world and to you.  Practice will make habitual.

Dylan Savage


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